10 coolest & Office Design in the World

10 coolest & Office Design in the World

Comfortable office atmosphere will certainly lead to a sense of fun and coud foster the spirit of working for this employee that is not conducive office atmosphere could damage the performance of the employees. This is certainly so understood by the owners of the company, but in fact there are still companies that are still less likely to pay attention or ignore it.

Unlike large corporations that follows, such as Facebook, Nokia, Lego, and other companies who build office with a very remarkable comfortable. Immediately enjoy, hopefully one day you could be working in one of the office

Google Offices (Google California)

Similar to the concept of the Google office interior design located in London and Dublin, the Google offices in Amsterdam also uses a unique interior design and creative. The concept of the Google office in Amsterdam is inspired from the garage where Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, Google’s first start. Quirky elements such as graffiti walls, cardboard box lights, exposed ceiling and a small caravan complete with chair can also be found here. Office interior design is made with that can make employees feel comfortable and meet their needs. Happiness, comfort, flexibility, relaxation, and visual stimulation are some basics that make the office look healthy and attractive. And this is what you want displayed so that employees can think creatively and freely.


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