in this first post in here i want to share some tips on cleaning the bathroom a lot done to clean the bathroom of the dangers of moss. I found this tips from

Cleaning Bathroom From Mosses Brick Red

One way to reduce slippage in the bathroom is to use red brick, with how mengosokkan contained in the moss. This way you can do any time moss appears and how it can be said as one of the effective ways to eliminate moss for a moment.

Cleaning Bathroom From Mosses Water Batteries

Water battery it can be used to clean the mossy floor, including the floor of the bathroom. The trick is to pour water on the area contained battery moss then set aside some time due to the nature of the hot water will kill the moss battery by itself. After that, you just brush the area that has been doused with battery acid contained in the moss and the floor will be clean.

Cleaning Bathroom From Mosses With Chlorine

Chlorine is used to clean the water is quite dirty. However, chlorine can also be used to clean the floors with chlorine powder sprinkled on the surface of the floor to be cleaned, then wait a while until the foam, the foam appears after you simply brush with soap and doused with water.
Whitening Clothes
You can also use bleach to clean the floor with a ratio of 1: 4 for bleach and water. And use to pour into the mossy area, then let stand for a few moments and then brush to clean and can be repeated to achieve the desired results.
Similarly, some ideas or tips on how to clean the bathrooms of moss which aims to reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom. May be useful for your family and thank you.

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